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A link to obtain the following Free Macros is found before and after their descriptions, presented below, and near the bottom of this large-text, made-for-fast-reading Web page.

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What exactly is on this page, you won't believe.

What exactly is on this page are macros for which the word processing world has been waiting.

Why exactly are you visiting this page? Writer, eh?

Super-freebie instant copy-paste new and far more superior file-saving and stuff macros


General Word Find Up

General Word Find Down

Find Whole Word Up

Find Whole Word Down

Find Pre-Select Up

Find Pre-Select Down

Save In Two Folders

Auto Thesaurus

Paragraph Finder

The perfect FREE macros
This very old and slowly spinning world
has been waiting to see very new macros
And, my friends and neighbors, here they are!

A World's First,

The Writer's Dream-Macro:

The Paragraph Finder

For Microsoft Word 97 or 2000

are powerful writing tools and nearly infinite in their capabilities; but when doing the twentieth Word-Search in a writing session, do you become mentally exhausted, having to manually type repeatedly into your Find and Replace dialog box:?

      Wouldn't It Be Great To Be Able To Simply Place Your Cursor Next To A Word, Hit A Single Key, And See The Last Occurrence Of That Word, Or Its Next Occurrence If You Happen To Be In The Middle Of Your Document?

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      Stress-Free Macros have been developed to do that and more and have Find capabilities and other power-features that go far beyond all other word-program macros currently available to writers and publishers. Moreover, you can assure yourself that these macros are virus free, as you can review the macros' language before installing them into your computer.

      If you are a writer of articles or books, and looking for incredible macros to help expedite your work, this Web site will not disappoint you.

      Allow us now to describe the most up-to-the-minute tricks for Microsoft Office 97 and Microsoft Office 2000.

We have automated nearly everything for the writer.

      Stress-Free Macros will find (not unlike other Word 97 or 2000 Find functions) single words or groups of consecutive words; however, no more having to click on a menu and then on Find and then typing in the desired word, or group of words or numbers, and then setting the Options to either (Find up) or (Find down), (Find whole words), or otherwise, so tiresomely as to make one want to abandon one's writing.

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      For a single-word Find, when you execute a Find, using a Stress-Free Macro, all you have to do is place your cursor next to a word (in your document) that you desire to find (Find up) or (Find down), and press a single hot-key, or shortcut keys ( typically no more than two keyboard keys) to accomplish the Find. Or, create a Stress-Free Macro toolbar button to click if you are not yet comfortable with shortcut keys.

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      Using this Stress-Free Macro writing tool enables you to paste a pre - copied alternative word because the found word remains highlighted as illustrated above. After the paste, press a key, and continue on to the next Find-up or down.

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      No. These tools for writers and publishers have not forgotten the Find whole words only feature. No having to highlight. A click, or press a hot-key, and you're there.

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      To find a series of consecutive words, simply highlight the group of words, press a hot-key or shortcut keys, and you're there (Find up) or (Find down) before you can say " ."

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      No more wondering what is written above or below the found word or words and then having to click out of the Find dialog box and having to scroll to reassure your decision making, often wasting valuable time performing those processes.

Find and Replace
Using a Stress-Free Macro, no
Dialog box appears on your screen

unless you click purposely on your Find icon-button or press the Control-F keys to implement a special arrangement of search features.

      When you are executing a Find, using a Stress-Free Macro, the sentence containing the target-word will appear at eye level instead of at the very top of the screen. Moreover, all Stress-Free Macros once executed will leave the target sentence about a third the way down in your page-viewing area, permitting you to resume your composing easily and with a more complete and comprehensive view of the upper and lower sections of your work.

*Executing a Find in multiple columns, with these Microsoft Word macros for writers and publishers, on rare occasions, may require two clicks.


      Another Stress-Free Macro does the following: When you activate your Thesaurus dialog box, the word you are evaluating will not flip to the very top of your screen, hiding important and relative work, but will appear about a third the way down in your page-viewing area.

      And (whether you replace a word or not) just as with all the Find Stress-Free Macros, once you have finished your Thesaurus search, and pressed the escape key, the word that you were considering and its surrounding text will self-position again to a level about a third the way down in your page-viewing area.

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      If the electricity to your computer cuts off suddenly; or, if your computer suffers a crash, and you were working in a file, even though you had the Always create backup copy or Save AutoRecover checkboxes enabled in Options, which saves but a single copy of your work at a time, often, to recover the last efforts of your work in one piece can be complicated or utterly exasperating, if you recover your last efforts at all.

      If you are saving your work automatically in only one file, and a power failure or a surge occurs, you could lose all of the work you had accomplished during the entire session, even if that session was six hours long. I have had several experiences relative to this same scenario; and, believe me, they were not nice.

      Separating your document- saves into two different folders or two different hard drives consecutively and in a flash is one of the most secure ways-if not the most secure way-to preserve work inside a computer. If you did happen to crash, one of those folders or hard drives would yet contain a perfectly unblemished copy of your document located in the file folder that you had pre-selected, and with the original file name for stress-free identification and instant retrieval.** Return to your work as though there never was a crash.

** Providing the hard drive in question remains virus-free and in normal operating condition.

      The Save In Two Folders Stress-Free Macro was developed to preserve and protect a perpetual and totally incorrupt (easy-to-retrieve-no file name extension to remember) full copy of your work (depending on how often you hit your hot-key or shortcut keys or an assigned Stress-Free Macro toolbar button***) and without having to click on Save As and manually clicking from directory to directory and folder to folder every time you execute those often called-for separated saves.

*** The Save In Two Folders Stress-Free Macro can also be executed at the same time Always create backup copy or Save AutoRecover checkboxes are enabled in Options.


      Using the Save In Two Folders Stress-Free Macro in Microsoft Office 97 or Microsoft Office 2000, you will not see or have to manipulate your Save As dialog box again, unless you are making special or isolated types of saves.


      The Save In Two Folders Stress-Free Macro allows you to perform a full save of your document in two different folders on the same hard drive or in two different drives in the same computer merely by pressing one hot-key, or two shortcut keys, or clicking on a toolbar button.

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Stress-Free Macro


      Have you ever had an intense desire to find a paragraph in which were two or more words you knew you had typed into that paragraph, but you did not remember the precise order in which they were written, somewhere in the middle of that nine-hundred-and-fifty page document of yours?

      The crucial bottom line, however, was that you had an important reason to find that specific paragraph, but your word-processor utilities did not allow you to do so.

      For example: You knew you had typed the words "Florida," "surf," and "sun" into a paragraph somewhere in the middle of your work, but you could not remember the exact order of those words, and you wanted to find that specific paragraph to make an edit.

Worry not. Where other Find macros fail,

               PARAGRAPH FINDER          


Press a key, the Paragraph Finder is activated.

Type those two or three key words in any order; and no need to type special search characters, such as commas, wildcard symbols, or ampersands.

When found, the target paragraph is highlighted until you exit the Paragraph Finder, at which point, the target paragraph is positioned automatically to about a third the way down in your page-viewing area, ready for you to resume your work.

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What More Need I Say?


      The Stress-Free Macros for writers and publishers of fact and fiction, advertised in this Web Page, have been tested thousands of times and, in reliable desktop computers operating Microsoft Word 97 or 2000 in Windows Operating systems, will function just as described.


A. Microsoft Word 97 or 2000

B. Windows 95, 98, 2000+ and Notepad

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Well, thank you for your attention, Writers and publishers using Office 97 or Office 2000.
I hope your visit to this Web site and its tools for writers has been enlightening and in a very positive sense of the WORD.

Very sincerely,
T. R.

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